Families and Schools Together

Families and Schools Together is a school based, family skills prevention program aimed at building protective factors for children while increasing family resiliency. F&ST is a series of 9-10 weekly multi-family sessions at their child’s school. 

F&ST has been shown to help to enhance family functioning, increase opportunities to succeed in school, prevent substance abuse and reduce the stress that families experience in daily life. F&ST has been proven to help children by enhancing their relationships with their families, peers, teachers, school staff and other members of their community. A trained team that includes a parent, school staff, a social worker and a prevention partner lead the meetings. 

The design of Families and Schools Together (F&ST) is simple, yet its structure embodies a unique and complex interplay of tested techniques and strategies. It gives parents and their children an opportunity to spend quality time together, enjoy each other more, and participate more fully and comfortably in their community.

Any school interested in becoming a F&ST school, can contact the Substance Use Prevention Coordinator at East Kootenay Addiction Services at 1-877-489-4344.

East Kootenay Addictions Services runs a maximum of two F&ST programs per semester (September through January, and February through June).