I-Minds is a school-based resource that aims to helps students develop their drug literacy skills. I-Minds is designed and produced by the Centre for Addiction Research BC. East Kootenay Addiction Services Society uses the I-Minds modules in our approach to substance use education in schools. East Kootenay Addiction Services Society staff can support teachers and schools in the implementation of I-Minds through training and classroom consultations.

Materials are available in both English and French and can be found on the Centre for Addiction Research BC website

Click any of the PDF documents below to download iMinds lesson plans.

iMinds Primer iMinds Primer (508 KB)

iMinds Grade 4 Module iMinds Grade 4 Module (4558 KB)

iMinds Grade 5 Module iMinds Grade 5 Module (1216 KB)

iMinds Grade 6 Module iMinds Grade 6 Module (4163 KB)

iMinds Grade 7 Module iMinds Grade 7 Module (4536 KB)

iMinds Grade 8 Module iMinds Grade 8 Module (5647 KB)

iMinds Grade 9 Module iMinds Grade 9 Module (4588 KB)

iMinds Grade 10 Module iMinds Grade 10 Module (5385 KB)